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Fine Handcrafted Soaps
At the Soap Barn, our Premium Soaps are handcrafted using only the best vegetable-based oils and natural silk fibers. Each oil is included because of what it adds to the final product. We begin with olive oil, which makes the most mild and gentle soaps known, then add coconut oil for a rich lather, palm oil (it makes the bars last longer) and shea butter, which is an excellent moisturizer.

Since we're intent on making the best bar of soap we can, we also add unbleached, natural Tussah Silk fibers. The silk makes a noticeable improvement to the soap’s lather and luxury.

As all of our soaps are mixed, poured, and cut by hand, there are subtle differences in the color and the size of the bars. The average bar size is about 4 oz… just right for the shower or bath.

We know that the fragrance is a very personal component of any fine soap, that's why we use a long list of high quality fragrances and essential oils to scent our soaps (bet you'll find your favorite - or discover a new favorite). See our list of current soap fragrances.


Emu & Shea Facial Bar
(currently unavailable) Our Emu & Shea Facial bar is made with Emu oil and more of our moisturizing shea butter than the other soaps. We recommend this soap for mature, drier skin. Each bar is approximately 2oz.

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